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Customize your own APP product

Develop special funtional app for your enterprises;

Customize your software product

Develop special funtional software for your enterprises;

Website building

Build your own website of product and portal;

Provide technical support for enterprises

Hema team is committed to becoming a backup technical team of any enterprise, saving the cost of technical personnel for the enterprises;

Provide corporate customers with various software, APP, website technical support, technical training, on-site technical maintenance, etc.

enterprises information and data security

Help enterprises to avoid data acquisition, retention, analysis and other risks in the course of business;

Help enterprises to avoid the risk of leakage of business data on various social software, such as WhatsApp and some foreign chat App;

By Using our product, WinEIM or Telebat, you may deploying your own independent server that can help enterprises avoid the above risks.

Our services

Provide customized development and technical support services for enterprises who need software, APP, data security services:

APP development

Help enterprises to customize exclusive apps and softwares, so that enterprises can always maintain the leading position in their industry.

Software development

Help enterprises to develop functional software products for daily work, and customize UI & function according to the unique needs.

Secure communication product

Provide enterprises with independent communication products that are physically isolated from the Internet, so that data is protected from third-party monitoring

Website development

Help enterprises customize websites , and let the enterprises' ideas and product updates be displayed on computers or smart phones in a friendly way.

Technical support

Help enterprises to be their technical team, and keep their work or service in a smooth and efficient way.

Technical training

Help enterprises to build their own technical team. Save their recruitment costs, or we may be a part of your technical team;

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Our team

We are a team that specialized in software, APP development, website design and development, also include the UI design.
Hema Software LLC. The domain names are www.he-ma.com and www.hema.llc ( The pinyin of simplified chinese charactars "河马" are "he ma" )


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